BelongPSO – Better Living with Psoriasis

A social & professional network for people living with PSO

Free and anonymous for psoriasis patients and caregivers


In selected countries!

BelongPSO – Better Living with Psoriasis

A social & professional network for people living with PSO

Free and anonymous for psoriasis patients and caregivers


In selected countries!




Improving patient quality of life & quality of care worldwide,
through technology, services, data and AI


A social & professional network

for people living with PSO

Free and anonymous


In selected countries!

A Glance at Our Features

Direct Chat with World-Renowned Professional Experts

Leading experts address questions asked by both patients and caregivers in various expert groups, including Clinical dietitian, dermatologist, rheumatologist and more  practitioner experts who provide patients with reliable information & education.

A Supportive & Interactive Patient Community

An attentive and supportive social network of patients and caregivers.

The forums provide assistance and support: users share their personal experiences, tips and information, support one another and assist each other in coping with daily challenges, recovery, and the many facets of the journey.

Personalized Content & Updates

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data technological capabilities enable personalized content & updates as well as treatment navigation tools that provide tips and reminders every step of the way.

Digital Medical & Knowledge Center Binder - Files

There is no need to carry a huge binder! All your medical records are organized digitally in one place and can be shared privately with family members, friends, and experts.

Our Experts

Dr. Ronit Anbar
Dr. Ronit Anbar
Clinical Dietitian

Dr. Ronit Anbar, Clinical Dietitian, director of the Nutrition department at the TAMC, a researcher and a lecturer. She involved in research of different nutritional topics such as energy balance in complex patients, medical nutritional therapy, IBD and Psoriasis.

In her role, she is responsible for the nutritional support of a wide variety of medical situations and acute diseases, training and guiding of students and preparing national position papers.

Throughout her career she provides dietary consultation for patients in numerous medical situations such as: gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic and rheumatologic disease with emphasize on change of habits, personal adjustments and maintaining of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition has a proven link with our health and quality of life, and it can help reduce the risk of different diseases. It is known that obesity is linked with higher risk for psoriasis and on the severity of the disease. Hence the importance of nutritional.

Prof Ori Elkayam
Prof. Ori Elkayam
Rheumatology Expert

Prof. Ori Elkayam is an expert in internal medicine and rheumatology. She is involved in all fields of rheumatology but is particularly interested in the field of spondylarthrosis including psoriatic arthritis.
She specialized in rheumatology at the TAMC and studied at the Center for Rheumatic Diseases at Cochin Medical Center, in Paris.
Prof. Elkayam serves as the director of the Rheumatology Institute at Tel Aviv Medical Center. The largest institute that treats a variety of rheumatic diseases with holistic therapeutic approach of multidisciplinary therapy.
In addition, Prof. Elkayam is one of the world leaders in research and recommendations for vaccinations among patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases.
Prof. Elkayam has published more than 200 articles in leading journals in the field of rheumatology and won numerous research grants.
She was the chairman of the Israeli Rheumatology Association (2011-2017), she lectures at conferences around the world and is a member of the Israeli, European and American Rheumatology Association.

Dr. Hagit Matz
Dr Hagit Matz
Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dr Hagit Matz is a board-certified dermatologist and holds a MHA degree in health management. She earned her MD degree at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and specialized in dermatology at the TASMC. She spent a short fellowship in psoriasis at the department of dermatology, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.

She has more than 20 years of experience in dermatology. She directs the Psoriasis clinic and Phototherapy Service and is the head of clinical research at the Division of Dermatology at TASMC. In addition, she directs the Phototherapy Service of Assuta MC.

Dr. Matz also serves as head of the Psoriasis association within Israel Society of Dermatology and Venereology. She is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology and of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Dr. Matz pioneered multidisciplinary services in dermatology in Israel with the aim to enable patients to benefit from a comprehensive and holistic approach to complex dermatological disorders. She established the first multidisciplinary clinic for psoriasis patients with both cutaneous and joint manifestations.

Additionally, Dr. Matz trained many junior physicians in dermatology with some emphasis on psoriasis and co-authored more than 60 scientific publications.


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